Programs & Services

Family Support

When a child is diagnosed with a disability, the entire family is changed and must adapt. Parents and siblings often experience strong emotional responses that should be addressed in various constructive ways. UCP of Orange County has responded and adapted to family needs over the years, creating new programs to meet their ever-evolving challenges.

UCP-OC offers educational workshops to empower parents, caregivers, and disability services professionals with the latest information on a broad array of topics -- everything from IEP strategies, potty training, to transition services and recreational events. To view upcoming events, click here.

More Family Support Services

Swap Meet brings together families needing specialized equipment with other families who wish to donate their used, but serviceable equipment.

UCP-OC provides several programs such as Inclusion Connection and Childcare Connection that focus upon creating appropriate and inclusive childcare in support of working parents. For more information about inclusion or childcare, contact Sol Pacheco, Childcare Manager, at 949-333-6445 or email.

Issues for which UCP-OC cannot directly provide assistance, we maintain extensive files that can assist families in accessing additional resources throughout Orange County. Our staff provides services in English and Spanish.

For more information or questions about any of our Family Support Services, contact Alicia Chan, Family Support Services Manager, by email or at 949-333-6430.