Pediatric Therapy Center

Let’s Talk

A Communication Group for toddlers This communication program utilizes a child-focused, play-based approach with parent involvement to stimulate language, communication and development through play, routine, and multi-modality cues. Each group is led by a Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech Pathology Clinical Fellow (CFY) or a Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant. Communication-based toddler groups address and improve cognition, expressive and receptive language and play skills for children who have developmental delays and other communication challenges.

This program is ideal for toddlers up to 36 months of age who demonstrate:

  • Social-emotional developmental skills at least at a 12-18 month age range
  • Non-verbal and pre-verbal skills through sound to word approximations, signs and gestures
  • Cognitive precursors that show evidence of one or more of the following skills: turn-taking, cause-effect, object permanence, anticipation, imitation and shared gaze.

Program is funded by Regional Center for Children who qualify for services Vendor # H10420 or through private pay.


For more information, contact Moira Miller at (949) 333-6405 or